Fresh Tastes and Ideas

Saturday, as many of you know, was Valentine’s Day.  And for my fiancee and me, it was a nice day.  We live in Pensacola, FL and we took a drive over to Destin, FL for the day.  It was a nice ride, beautiful, sunny day, and not much planned.  Then we came back and finally ordered our wedding bands.  We are proud of all we accomplished on Saturday.

But we had one thing planned that I thought was quite interesting.  I stole the idea from the Bottlenecker WordPress blog, (thank you so much, by the way) go check it out to get some ideas!  We decided to do a blind wine tasting.  We were hoping for better results than some of the people from John Cleese’s “Wine for the Confused” documentary.

Both of us are wine drinkers.  We particularly like red wines and the complexities red wines offer.  So we went to our local World Market, (gosh, that’s a cool place) and talked to our go-to guy, Joe.  Joe, our up-and-coming wine expert, provided us with some ideas.  We told him that we already had a bottle of Pinot Noir, but we were hoping to purchase three more bottles of red wine.  Joe, who’s in the know, pointed us to a Spanish wine called Garnacha de Feugo, a Zinfandel from OZV, and an Australian wine called Yatumba, a blended red and white wine.

When we got home, I started on dinner while she uncorked the bottles.  After about an hour or so, we placed glasses on the table and poured two light glasses of each.  We placed each bottle in paper bags, then she stepped out of the room and I mixed them up. Then we traded places, and she mixed them up.

Featured image

Interesting, huh?

We started from left to right.  The first was semi-sweet, very smooth, not very spicy, and ultimately a good wine to have with a steak, dark cherry or berry abound!  Very tasty.  The second was tangy, shocking, odd.  Couldn’t quite place the flavors, maybe herbal, definitely not as smooth, and overall, one to which I wouldn’t return.  The third wine was velvety, almost a chocolate taste, so smooth, almost sweet.  Definitely one I would try again.  Then the last wine was thin, almost watery, metallic, but not horrible.  Again, it was something I wouldn’t necessarily drink again, but I didn’t hate it.

From left to right I listed them as so: the Pinot Noir, the Australian blend, the Zinfandel, and the Spanish blend.

The actual list: The Spanish blend, the Australian blend, the Zinfandel, and the Pinot Noir.

Yeah! I got two of them!  But I was severely disappointed when I found out that I was unimpressed by the Pinot Noir.  I like Pinot Noir! Or at least I thought I did.  Needless to say, I am very surprised but actually very happy with the outcome.

If you’re looking for a cool idea, I would suggest this.  The only thing I would do differently is get more people and purchase only one bottle a piece.  It’s cheaper and offers more variety that way.

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